Free Dollar



We developed Free Dollar on 2013 with the goal of having in our hands and on a single app, all the foreign currency, commodity and metal rates. Motivation came due to our country’s conditions at the time, where the currency exchange market information was not very clear.

It offers the options to look at historical values up to 10 years in the past from the dollar, blue dollar, euro, british pound, real, yen, uruguayan peso, chilean peso, colombian peso, mexican peso, corn, soybean, wheat, oil, gold, silver, bronce, platinum and paladium, among others.

It also has a calculator capable of performing currency conversions in real time.

Currently, Free Dollar has around 38.000 registers users, with an active user base of 2.000 a week. It is translated to spanish, portuguese and chinese.

It is developed and maintained by Fyrastudio for Android and iOS.