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Motorola XOOM lands on Latin America


Motorola XOOM lands on Latin America


Motorola Mobility LATAM




- Assist Motorola Latinamerica in the creation of specific content for XOOM tablets.

- Position Motorola as a leader in the development of content for the emerging Android market in the region.

Description of the work done:

We developed different homepages for each country in the region, where content was accessed dynamically according to the geo location of the user.

We also worked on the design, implementation and optimization of the system for different mobile devices, as it was later used for other smartphone models as well.


- 8.502 unique users along the region entered 101.918 times to the site.

- Average viewing time was almost 6 minutes.

- During the three month period of the campaign, there were almost 200.000 pageviews.